Emma Hankinson

Emma Hankinson

PhD Student

During my university studies in Zoology, I developed a keen interest in primate behaviour, ecology and conservation of species and forest habitats. Throughout my career I have worked in Kenyan coastal forests, investigated self medicative behaviour and parasitic infections in the Sumatran orang-utan and have over 14 years’ experience in the ecological consultancy within the UK. My recent MRes at Bournemouth University investigated distribution and abundance of two hylobatid species in relation to canopy and vegetation structure in a lowland dipterocarp forest. I am currently undertaking a PhD investigating how quality and intensity of sleep is related to cognitive functioning in great apes.

Research interests

Conservation of tropical forests and primate behaviour, animal behaviour and conservation.

Interests and Hobbies Outside Science:

Sailing, scuba diving and wildlife photography

Organisation -  Bournemouth University

Country - UK

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