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Created by Nathan Harrison, with support from Suprayudi Rimba and Dr Abdullah
and Dr Kathy Hodder & Prof. Amanda Korstjens Funded by BU's Research Impact Fund

Aras Napal species guide in English and in Indonesian

Guide on possible methods to mitigate crop foraging for Sumatra in English and Indonesian

Aras Napal area 242 Poster in English and Indonesian

Scientific publications
  •     Hankinson, E., Korstjens, A.H., Hill, R.A., Marsh, C., Wich, S. and Nowak, M., (accepted 2021). Spatial Distribution and abundance of two Hylobatidae species (gibbon & siamang) in relation to canopy structure and disturbance in a Sumatran lowland dipterocarp forest. International Journal of Primatology

  •      Harrison, N. J., Hill, R. A., Alexander, C., Marsh, C. D., Nowak, M. G., Abdullah, A., Slater, H. D., Korstjens, A. H. 2020. Sleeping trees and sleep-related behaviours of the siamang (Symphalangus syndactylus) in a tropical, lowland rainforest, Sumatra, Indonesia. Primates

  • van Leeuwen, K. L., Hill, R. A., & Korstjens, A. H. 2020. Classifying chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) landscapes across large-scale environmental gradients in Africa. 2020. Int J Primatol. 41:800-821.

  •      Dunbar, R.I.M., Cheyne, S.M., Lan, D., Korstjens, A.H., Lehmann, J. and Cowlishaw, G., 2019. Environment and Time as Constraints on the Biogeographical Distribution of Gibbons. Am J Primatol. 81(1). E22940. doi:10.1002/ajp.22940

  •      Korstjens, A. H. (2019). The effect of climate change on the distribution of Colobus and Cercopithecus monkeys. In:Behie, A. M., Teichroeb, J. A., Malone, N. (eds). Primate Research and Conservation in the Anthropocene. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

  •      Isobel Bramer, Barbara J. Anderson, Jonathan Bennie, Andrew J. Bladon, Pieter De Frenne, Deborah Hemming, Ross A. Hill, Michael R. Kearney, Christian Körner, Amanda H. Korstjens, Jonathan Lenoir, Ilya M.D. Maclean, Christopher D. Marsh, Michael D. Morecroft, Ralf Ohlemüller, Helen D. Slater, Andrew J. Suggitt, Florian Zellweger, Phillipa K. Gillingham, (2018) Chapter Three - Advances in Monitoring and Modelling Climate at Ecologically Relevant Scales, In: David A. Bohan, Alex J. Dumbrell, Guy Woodward and Michelle Jackson, Editor(s), Advances in Ecological Research, Academic Press,  Volume 58, Pages 101-161, ISSN 0065-2504, ISBN 9780128139493,

  •      Korstjens A. H., Lehmann, J., & Dunbar, R. I. M. (2018). Time constraints do not limit group size in arboreal guenons but do explain community size and distribution patterns. Int J Primatol. 39(4):511-531

  •      Alexander, C. Korstjens, A. H., Hankinson, E., Usher, G., Harrison, N., Nowak, M. G., Abdullah, A., Wich, S. A., Hill, R. A. (2018) Locating emergent trees in a tropical rainforest using data from an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Int J Appl Earth Obs Geoinformation 72:86-90.

  •      Alexander, C., Korstjens, A. H., Usher, G., Nowak, M. G., Fredriksson, G., Hill, R. A. (2018) LiDAR patch metrics for object-based clustering of forest types in a tropical rainforest, International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, 73:253-261.

  •      Korstjens, A. H., Slater, H. D., Hankinson, E., (2018) Predicting African primate species’ responses to climate change. In: Primatology, Biocultural Diversity and Sustainable Development in Tropical Forests. UNESCO HEADS (Human Evolution: Adaptations, Dispersals and Social Developments Programme) report.ñalado.pdf

  •      Alexander, C., A. H. Korstjens, Ross A. Hill. 2017. Influence of micro-topography and crown characteristics on tree height estimations in tropical forests based on LiDAR canopy height models. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation. 65:105-113

  •      Alexander, C., Korstjens, A.H. and Hill, R.A., 2017. Structural attributes of individual trees for identifying homogeneous patches in a tropical rainforest. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, 55, 68-72.

  • Korstjens, A.H. and Hillyer, A.P., 2016. Primates and climate change: a review of current knowledge. In: Wich, S.A. and Marshall, A.J., eds. An Introduction to Primate Conservation. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 175-192.

Research Profiles
Amanda Korstjens
Ross Hill
Serge Wich
PhD theses

Marsh, C., 2019. The effects of forest degradation on arboreal apes within Sikundur, the Gunung Leuser Ecosystem, Northern Sumatra.Doctoral Thesis (Doctoral). Bournemouth University.

van Leeuwen, K., 2019. Landscapes of the apes: modelling landscape use of chimpanzees and early hominins across an environmental gradient. Doctoral Thesis (Doctoral). Bournemouth University.

Abernethy J. The Influence of Forest Structure on Sumatran Orangutan Nesting and Densities in the Lowland Dipterocarp Forests of North Sumatra Doctoral Thesis (Doctoral) Public Url

Aralisa C. Shedden Gonzales 2016. Using primates to establish priority conservation sites in Mexico. Doctorate Thesis (Doctorate). Bournemouth University, Faculty of Science and Technology

MRes theses

Twitcher, L., 2020. The costs of human elephant conflict: understanding local perceptions, vulnerabilities and impacts associated with human elephant conflict in Subulussalam, Aceh, Sumatra. Masters Thesis (Masters). Bournemouth University.

Harrison, N. J., 2019. Sleeping trees and sleep-related behaviours of siamang (Symphalangus syndactylus) living in a degraded lowland forest, Sumatra, Indonesia. Masters Thesis (Masters). Bournemouth University.

Collins, N., 2018. Sumatran elephant Elephas maximus sumatranus density and habitat use in relation to forest characteristics in the Leuser Ecosystem, North Sumatra. Masters Thesis (Masters). Bournemouth University.

Emma Hankinson 2017. Spatial distribution and density of the Lar gibbon Hylobates lar and Siamang Symphalangus syndactylus in relation to canopy structure and disturbance in a lowland dipterocarp forest, Sumatra. Masters Thesis (MRes). Bournemouth University

Rossana Consiglio 2016. Group density estimates for lar gibbons (Hylobates lar) and siamangs (Symphalangus syndactylus) and the quantitative analysis of the vegetative characteristics of the Sikundur field site. Masters Thesis (MRes). Bournemouth University.

Helen D Slater 2016. Forest stucture and group density of Thomas' langur monkey, Presbytis thomasi. Masters Thesis (MRes). Bournemouth University.

Jacob R. Brett 2014. Patterns and processes in chimpanzee hunting behaviour: the chimps and the carnivores: are they really so different?. Masters Thesis (MRes). Bournemouth University.