Amanda H Korstjens - LEAP Leader

Associate Professor at Bournemouth University

I am a behavioural ecologist who started out as a biologist at Utrecht University, The Netherlands. My passion is studying animals in their natural environments and ever since my first field project in Indonesia on Thomas Langurs I have just loved working in tropical forests. I spend two field seasons in Indonesia before starting my PhD research in Côte d'Ivoire on the three colobines in Taï National Park. Since then I've studied spider monkeys in Costa Rica, red colobus in Uganda, and now back to primates in Indonesia and chimpanzees in Uganda. The forest feels like home.

Research interests

Behavioural Ecology, Conservation, Primatology

Interests and Hobbies Outside Science:

Wildlife watching, hiking, family 

Publications: see my Scholar Google profile

Organisation -  Bournemouth University

Country - UK

Projects Worked On  -

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