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Elephant Acoustic Wellbeing Project

The project

Our team's big overarching aim is to develop methods to monitor Asian elephants using passive acoustic recording methods. This particular project is part of the bigger scheme and investigates how the acoustic monitoring can be used to learn more about the wellbeing of the Asian elephant herd at Whipsnade Zoo, ZSL.

This specific project starts off our new collaboration between Bournemouth University (Amanda Korstjens, Kathy Hodder, Tom Davis), Invisible Flock (Victoria Pratt, Ben Eaton), and Zoological Society of London (ZSL, Lewis Rowden and Alasdair Davies from Arribada at ZSL).

1. Meighan McMain, MSc student at the Royal Veterinary College, started her MSc research project in February 2021.

2. We are looking for an MRes student (or self-funded MPhil/PhD student) to carry on from when Meighan finishes her MSc work.

To apply: more information for this specific opportunity in our Get Involved page

​This is linked to: Invisible Flock's collaboration with LEAP on the project Inaudible



At the moment we are keeping our specific project objective options open for these two student-led projects.

Project Contributors

Researchers involved - 

Students - Meighan McMain RVC

                 - To be Confirmed MRes student

Lewis Rowden, Alasdair Davies (ZSL)

Amanda Korstjens, Kathy Hodder (BU)

VIctoria Pratt, Ben Eaton (Invisible Flock)

Funded by - Self-funded by Meighan and by RVC,

Bournemouth University

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